Monday, December 2, 2013

“It’s About YOU”

Asset Link Service Reflects Internal Beliefs

It's not everyday that a consultant has the opportunity to truly feel they have contributed, no matter how small or large, to a positive ongoing cultural program that is making a difference. While following up with this client, I was so excited at their success I wanted to share a little of their achievement and hope that it inspires others.

Large, diverse and needing to reach every level within their organisation, Asset Link embarked on a program of raising awareness and communicating the customer service culture that would set
them apart as an employer and service provider of choice.

Asset Link provides services to more than 350 client organisations across a variety of sectors including mining, industrial, commercial, education, aged care, retail, hospitals, aviation and government. With clients across so many sectors that also means they have a large geographic split of staff with diverse roles and responsibilities such as:

  • Cleaners
  • Project Managers
  • Concierges
  • Security Officers
  • Emergency Services officers
  • Call Centre Operators
  • Maintenance Operators
  • Construction
  • Building Inspectors… and the list keeps growing.
In addition to this, they have approximately 23 native languages spoken amongst their staff. With such diversity to bridge, when I first received the brief to create a module for their customer service culture program, I spent some time with Wayne Gobert, National General Manager of People & Culture, delving into Asset Link’s vision and the specific goals the program was to achieve.
Wayne Gobert, OAM
“Asset Link isn’t just any company, it’s a group of people that believe in delivering a service that customers will remember well and knowing that it’s ‘YOU’ that makes that happen.”
That belief is at the core of their employee program called It’s about YOU, creating a more engaged workforce.

With a strategic focus on being Australia’s premier workforce employer by linking people, places and processes, Asset Link is taking their people focus beyond words. They actively promote their people as being a key part of this vision and look to sharpen the way they communicate internally and externally. 

“This process involves looking hard at what makes us what we are, how we are seen, and how our most important feature - our people, represent Asset Link. We live and breathe a culture of pride, passion and respect.”

How their people interact with a customer is at the centre of their job and seen as the reason Asset Link exists. The Customer Service training module was initially rolled out to staff at Melbourne Airport. The positive response has led it to be incorporated into Asset Link’s newly developed on-line training program for all front-line staff.

“Truthfulness, openness and transparency are essential characteristics in a great team. During any job you meet different types of people. Every person needs to feel that we can trust the person we’re asking for help and feel confident the other person has the ability to help.”

Asset Link people live by signature behaviours without exception. They are a real and living

promise to their customers and each other. It is these guidelines that form a rule book to help their people live well and keep expectations clear, how performance is measured and form the basis of company decision making that sets them apart from their competitors.

“No matter what the customer is thinking, feeling or saying, when you show sensitivity, sincerity and respond positively, they know that you see them as a human being in need.” 

A business only survives when it has happy customers and the staff that are willing and have the skills to make them happy. The success of the It’s About You program is self-evident.

Asset Link won the 2013 Australian HR Institute Award for Cross-Cultural Management and the BSCAA NSW Excellence Awards Lennox Innovation Through People award. Specifically, Paul Morall said on presenting this award: “The company that was chosen had the ability to recognise the need for change and understood it, and then most importantly, implemented a strategy to make it happen.”

This success isn’t surprising with Wayne Gobert at the helm. He is a highly experienced HR professional providing innovative focus throughout his career and reflects a high value system in all his endeavours. Wayne was awarded the OAM in 2011 in recognition for his work with a variety charities including Variety, Blue Earth, Sailors with Disabilities and Westmead Children’s Hospital Brain Trauma Unit.
It was truly a pleasure to have been involved with this learning and development project.


  1. It's not everyday that a consultant has the opportunity to truly feel they have contributed...

    1. Hi Simone,

      Your reflection on your experiences consulting with Asset Link and their attention to demonstrating pride, passion, respect is crucial to diverse workforces in Australia today. The informed focus on communication and individual needs is extremely responsive to such culturally rich Australian communities. Well Done Asset Link!!


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