Saturday, February 2, 2013

Illuminated by Brilliance

"One should never be blinded by brilliance, only illuminated. If you lose your sight then it wasn't brilliant - it was a flash in the pan that burnt and faded!" Simone Moore

Very recently, the ITSM Weekly Podcast crews around the world (USA, Oceania, UK, Nordics) received an email from our Commander-in-Chief Chris Dancy that we have over 41,000 global listeners through the SoundCloud channel alone. Add a few thousand when you include the other social media channels. Staggering and daunting! As one of the crew in the Antipodes, I am personally astounded and professionally proud to see the continued growth of our audience.

Growing up, I believed my role in life would always be one of quiet, unrelenting service. A natural belief having been surrounded by similar lives of particular family members that gave without thought and worked with silent yet focused determination. They are my personal heroes and inspired by their lead, I began just such a career. Now I find myself not only surrounded by, but engaged with those I believed far out of my
reach. I felt, and still do at times, like I've dropped into the private world of a Hollywood icon or royalty.

As a fourth generation soldier, the DNA to serve is embedded within me and after my initial disappointing foray into the corporate world and finding this missing in some people, I despaired at times of ever finding that same sense of mission. Let's face it, in ITSM we get caught up in the dust of the daily grind that can make it hard to see the connection between a printer fault and the life-saving information within the document it was printing - especially in the expanding digital world.

The nature of the personalities in the ITSM Weekly podcast crews captured me. I was taken completely by surprise when Karen Ferris, invited me to join the inaugural Antipodean crew.  Well 'surprise' is too gentle a word.  I was downright flabbergasted, spun around the Sun's orbit a few times, and still not quite sure if I'm anywhere near earth. This is a woman I had watched from afar for a number of years, silently indulging a secret wish that perhaps one day I could Vulcan mind-meld with her and however ineptly, emulate some of her skill and dedication.

The traditional Veuve pop for our live shows!
For over two years, I've been part of the Oceania Podcast (28 episodes in all) and I can use any number of favourite childhood super hero analogies to describe my fellow crew members. The similarities to the various caped and masked crusaders is quite uncanny but shift depending on the topic and guest each episode.  Like all super hero stories, at its heart, the ITSM Weekly crews have a very strong belief system, passion for what it means to serve and fight the good fight! What’s it like to work with them? Much of the time I still feel like a raw recruit, however they inspire my motivation for continued effort and reinforce what I learnt from my personal heroes. The large lesson, I feel, is if what you once understood to be correct is proven by experience to be different, then garner your ‘wherewithall’ and make the shift but stand steady yet flexible in the flurry of explosions in others.

The connectedness that now exists allows us to know people through other people we may never have otherwise met. It brings the opportunity to work with them closer to our own orbit and create pathways to discover new brilliance. Names that were once embodied with mystery are brought into human form. Not only heard but seen and touched. They are a real person.

I remain enamoured but no longer isolated from brilliance that illuminates!

Go boldly where you have never gone before - beyond listening to your ITSM Weekly crews...tweet with them, engage with them on Google+ or through whichever channel you find them.  Tell us about those that have illuminated you with their brilliance because I have a sneaking suspicion they will also shine on us through your story!

The ITSM Weekly Crews

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