Sunday, November 18, 2012

TFT12 - Breaking the Catch 22

By Simone Jo Moore

The opportunity for learning seems to take a back seat to any project, consult or other work schedule and you can feel in a never ending loop of catch22. I’m an avid believer in conferences however it’s forever a struggle to get the backing, the cash and the time away.  Well, Tomorrow’s IT Service Future Today 2012 (TFT12) is about to break the traditional conference mold.

A new show is hitting the circuit boards.

Because of TFT12 use of technology and reach across so many connected forums, you become part of an audience of thousands yet plenty of room for
you to have the prime front row seat!  No need for you to pack the bags, arrange for someone to collect your mail or put the cat out. The energy normally spent walking around booths, dashing between sessions or ‘catching’ that person before you miss them is saved for you to listen and absorb in the comfort of your office or home.

I’d recommend having a team conference party – they can watch together and ask their questions in real time, interacting as if they were physically there. You don't need to queue up, purchase tickets or register your name. It's free to watch right here, but you have to supply your own popcorn. Registering with your Evernote or Kindle email is purely to take advantage of having a knowledge locker which means that if you miss the curtain call you can have the presentations appear right where you need them for later viewing.

And what a line up - all chosen by the crowd! It’s now Catch24 in one single stream of wide-ranging topics spanning the world stage. Headline billing goes to Amber Case with a star studded list of ITSMers and the chorus line. That’s where you’ll find me!

If you’ve ever experienced this type of murder, been the detective or
held the sword yourself then this story is for you!
And there’s a number of others waiting in the wings for their turn to wow you with their knowledge - a bi-annual show scheduled to tour May and December 2013. Check out the latest update of TFT12 here and Follow the twitter stream #TFT12 and get into the discussion on the via Back2ITSM Facebook group.

This is not a show to be missed! Thanks to the eminently brilliant director and publicist Mr Chris Dancy.

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