Wednesday, July 8, 2015

ITIL or HDI? Why Not Enjoy the Benefits of Both?

Having an effective support center is a valuable function for any organization. The best of both worlds is possible—improved incident management whilst providing a good, personalized customer experience.

I was interviewed by , to provide my experience as a HDI and ITIL instructor to help others gain an understanding of the synergies between different frameworks like ITIL and HDI and how these synergies can enable organizations to improve customer experience, incident management and other interaction management skills.  Read on.

You are a Work in Progress - Five lessons for a career that matters

With most stories, there’s a beginning, middle and end, however our Women in IT (#WIITweek) story seems never ending. Moment by moment; who we are ‘in the now’, stands as the foundation for weaving the path for our future selves. In my first few roles, IT wasn’t IT – it was just plain and simple ‘technology’ we used to do our jobs.

So based my experience, my knowledge, my heroes and my failures; here are my five lessons for anyone looking to forge a career and life for themselves, which truly matters. Read on!

Behave Yourself – An Elusive Formula!

As illustrated by the fields of psychology and psychiatry, the nature of behaviour is driven by numerous factors. It is not surprising therefore, that this is a subject we all continue to struggle with even in our tiny world of ITSM.

People are not easily pigeon-holed and nor should they be, however there are certain personalities and characteristics that we do look for in the makeup of our organisations, various teams and individuals.  This is meant to produce a magical chemical mix turning lead into gold when it comes to the ultimate formula for business success. 

Intrigued? Read on!

Thursday, April 9, 2015

Lagom är bäst - itSMF Sweden Conference 2015

Sweet Sweden

Welcoming, relaxed, understated, direct and meaningful - this is how I would describe the itSMF experience in Sweden. The content and speakers provided a wealth of knowledge and interaction. Even a small star can shine bright! 

So many are keen on being in the know of knowing how to know how ... discover the experience here!

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

What a way to make a living!

En ny konferanseopplevelse - itSMF Norway 2015

When I first moved countries, culture and language just over a year ago, it opened up opportunities to explore ITSM in a different way. itSMF Norway 2015 Keynote, Charles Araujo said, 'In a sea of content and ideas, you need to stand out. Let your personality shine through everything you do.' The Norway team certainly provided an environment for that to happen with their welcome, speaker and program content and in eminent style! There is no better way to write about this experience than to share the words, phrases and message intent of those that were there. So read more here!

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Forget-Me-Not for the Travelling Trainer

Being my first blog of the year, let’s start with a Trainer’s reality and give you some tips and resources that may make your 2015 that much easier.

For me, as an ITSM trainer, the life of a traveling trainer goes from the sublime to the ridiculous but at no time is it ever an ordinary experience. Coming to you from two trains, four planes, three airports, hotels and training locations I’ve had time to pen this little piece for you in whiling away the long waits in various lounges, gates, platforms and cafes. 

You’ll find some very useful packing lists and advice at the end of the blog. Read more here.

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Market your support centre value – perception is your reality!

Of course they talk about you. What ‘they’ say is actually up to you. 

The dread starts the moment you dial the number.  Like a deer caught in headlights, you know it’s coming but you can’t stop it…“Your call is important to us…”  Who doesn’t roll their eyes at that one?  Every customer interaction creates, confirms, or changes customer perception. 

Get it wrong and the relationship with support feels broken, if not downright schizophrenic.  Find out the practical side of letting the right people know how valuable you are here!